Digistar Files for The Explorers Project's Mauna Kea Show

Here are some screen shots of the Digistar files for use in the show
"Explorers of Mauna Kea" created by the Bishop Museum in Hawai'i.

The Digistr files were created by John French, Holt, Michigan.
Digistar Users can call or E-mail me if you have any questions. 517-694-7325 or {frenchj (at) msu (dot) edu}

Keck Telescope Domes
The Gemini North Dome
The Subaru Telescope Dome
The University of Hawaii Telescope
The United Kingdom Infrared Telescope
NASA's Infrared Telescope Facility dome
The Canada France Hawaii Telescope
A dish in the Submillimeter Valley
The contour lines of the summit of the mountain top
Another view of the summit of the mountain top
The Keck 36 segment mirror
The Keck 36 segment mirror
The mirror showing the parametric offset of +1 tilting each mirror segment

Digistar One or Two users can download the zip file below or go to the D.U.G. library.

Mauna kea zip file

Descriptions of the files included:

Users Notes:

There is no main file for this show. I run these files live from the button box during the live segments of the show. You should add these files to your favorite night sky button layout. The fades up and down of the stars is done from the button box and any constellations you talk about will need to be added on your own. All the objects in these files are drawn obstinate and there are no resets in the files so that you can play them without resetting your stars or location. I play the summitfly file when the panorama of the summit comes up. It is timed out so that the narrator talks about each dome as digistar domes fly past. You might want to use the panorama artwork instead. The mirror playfile is played just after the first live segment with the mirrors just after the slide of the Mt. Palomar mirror. Gotopole.sfa and gotoequ.sfa are used during the second live segment. All the models of the domes are right hand coordinate files.
Have Fun!
John French.

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