Moist Towelette Online Museum

Dispoz-o | Flowers | Moistwipe
British Airways Towelette | British Airways Refreshing Tissue
A Pile O' Moist Towelettes | Italian Oven | Quaker Steak & Lube
Rantex | Armor All | Red Lobster | Trump Castle (Thank you Liz) | fria
Pet Wipes (Thanks to Carla) | Mobil with Pegasus
Mobil | Sunhopper | IcelandAir | NBC (Thanks Bill)
Aer Lingus | Hard Rock Cafe Beijing (Thank you James!)
Preinjection skin cleansing pad (Thanks Annie!) | Royal Fingerbowl | Tar-Off
Sip 'n Rinse | Moist Towelette | Winner's | KFC
Moist Towelette with Birds | McDonald's
Wet-nap | Wash 'n Dri | Disco | Moist Towelette with Drips
Riblets | Japan (Thank you Martin)
Kleen & Dry | Mercy clean from Japan (Thank you Kasu!) | moists
Quaker Steak & Lube (old) | Cream White | BW-3
Fresh Nap | Aro Palace | Clinipad | Bestvue | Chili's | Celeste Sani-Com
Diamond Shamrock | Freshette | Columbia Antiseptic Towelette
Sheetz | Screen Cleen | Eau de rochas
Thank you Merci | Fingertowelette
Big Boy (Thank you James!) | Treasury Alcohol Prep

The latest aquisitions
Refresher from the USA Embassy in Sweden (Thank you Tom!) | The back of the Sweden Refresher
Planet Hollywood in London (Thanks Lou!) | Freshen Up | Leverfresh from the Munich Airport
knife and fork | nice 'n clean | Alcohol Swabs (Thanks Jeff) | another Moist Towelette with Drips

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John French - Museum Curator
Moist Towelette Online Museum
3103 W. Collin Avenue
Corsicana, Texas 75110

Your donations are greatly appreciated

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